photographer Jodi Jones

photographer Jodi Jones

JODI JONES is an art director, fashion photographer, producer and motion director living in New York City.  She partners with luxury, fashion, beauty, streetwear and lifestyle brands to tell their stories through compelling imagery. 

JODI is a two-time SILVER LIONS AWARD WINNER at the CANNES INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL of CREATIVITY and the founder of Jodi Jones Studio. Jodi’s photographs have appeared in hundreds of magazines over the years including Vogue and Vanity Fair.  Her first published photo was in 2001 for Time Magazine.  

In 2006, the lifetime television show "Women on Top" sent a production crew for several weeks to film her for her own episode of the show.  The show then created a full episode on her life as a photographer. The TV show is about women who have achieved success in male dominated industries.

Jodi's clientele includes a combination of new-emerging designers to leading brands in the fashion and commercial arenas. By staying on top of the constantly evolving landscape of fashion and luxury, Jodi is able to provide her clients with creative services that elevate them far above the competition. 

Jodi specializes in providing high-end lookbook, advertising, e-commerce, motion and social media content that does more than simply highlight a product – it draws the audience into the world of your brand.  Jodi and her team: industry famous wardrobe stylists, hair & makeup artists, cinematographers, and green-screen/CGI artists are available to bring your vision into reality. In addition to her full-time photography career, Jodi loves to travel, speaking at seminars and workshops on creativity, entrepreneurship, and photography.  

Jodi's images are available by request here.  She is represented by ZUMA PRESS MULTIMEDIA. 

Full uneditied episode of the LIFETIME TV show documentary "Women on Top".

TV SHOW: Women On Top

Every girl fantasizes about having the ultimate career – one mixed with a dash of celebrity status, an incredible salary and the daily prospect of interesting and different challenges, all blended to create a sizzling image of adventure and achievement, the ride of a lifetime. We’ve tracked down the best of the best – from fashion, film and all forms of media – to reveal how they landed their killer careers and made their way to the top. " featuring photographer Jodi Jones. “Women On Top” is a fast-paced, half-hour weekly series celebrating 13 dynamic, successful women who have drool-worthy jobs. You know the type – they’re often written about or talked about because they’re unique, courageous and incredibly successful.

NYC Fashion Photographer Jodi Jones is a highly successful fashion photographer and photojournalist who has spent 15 seasons down in the trenches shooting the runways for New York City’s Fashion Week, invited by the world’s most recognized designers including Oscar de la Renta, Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui to shoot their collections. Her photographs appear regularly in Time, People, Newsweek, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan and countless others. Born in small town Middle America, she moved to NYC at 19 to pursue an acting career. Family tragedy brought her to Florida to care for her elderly grandfather, where she started a theatre company and began pursuing a new passion – photography. Within a few years her images were discovered by influential people in the fashion industry who invited her to relocate back to NYC and to the world of top models and fashion designers. She now resides both in Manhattan and at her mountain retreat an hour outside of the city.