Free Event! Live Fashion Shoot

I am doing a live photo shoot on Oct 27th & Oct 28th for HASSELBLAD and BRONCOLOR. Hasselblad is the finest camera producer in the world. Broncolor is the premiere lighting source loved by photographers.

I will be shooting live for of hundreds of photographers and creatives at an event called “Shoot-NYC” (next door to Photo Expo at the Jacob Javitz Center). This will take place at the Terminal Building, 608 West 28th Street @ 11th Ave. on October 27th & 28th, 10AM-5PM.

Both Hasselblad and Broncolor will produce the shoot and a digital tech on-site will be processing large beautiful retouched prints during the session.

So come out and say hi, and see how cool the Hasselblad and Broncolor lighting are!!  Meet some cool people and perhaps learn some new techniques at one of the pro workshops!

Drama light by jodi jones
Drama light by jodi jones